October 23, 2007

Musical Interlude

I haven't been posting as frequently here, except for my weekly conversations with Southern California curators, but because of the fires across the city, I thought I'd take a visual arts break and mention a concert I'm going to next week.

Coming up will be several performances by the LA Phil's next conductor, Gustavo Dudamel. Before he takes over the baton from Salonen, I thought it would be great to see him with his current orchestra, the Sinfónica Juventud Simón Bolívar.

This should be a great performance, since it will offer a preview of what Los Angeles will see in future seasons, as well as a chance to hear him conduct the orchestra he's most familiar with. It seems his influence is already happening, with the LA Phil reaching out with education programs.

This Summer I heard one of the pieces played by the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, so next Thursday should make an interesting comparison. Check out the amazing video below, and then buy tickets!

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