November 25, 2007

Paul Brach 1924 - 2007

Paul Brach, the founding dean of the school of art at CalArts died last week (November 16) in East Hampton. I have found little on line reportage of the event. There's not even a mention at his gallery, where a show of his work will be opening next week, December 6.

There are some great archive videos from his time here at CalArts, back when they were making things up as they were going along:

I decided to come to California Institute of the Arts because Los Angeles was more fun, and I could find my peers here. I mean there are artists like Bob Irwin, and Ed Kienholz, and Larry Bell, and people who I think are doing good work. And Cal Arts seems goofy enough. What really knocked me out was that the makers of Mary Poppins are inadvertently funding something that's going to make Easy Rider.

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  1. We'll have a major piece u on our site - In My Heart - Jewish Obituaries and Jewish Memorials - - soon

  2. Paul was my mentor at Cal Arts when I was studying for my MFA. He treated me as a colleague, described me as a colleague and was a friend with whom I could pick up a conversation even if I had not seen him in a long while. Paul's capacity for telling stories was unsurpassed. His teaching was riddled with anecdotes and his lessons always touched that which was ingrained deeply in art even though I might not realize it til much later.

    It is so very sad that he is gone.

  3. Paul was my mentor when he moved back to ny to do the fordham at lincoln center thing for 3 years. i already had my own studio on Cherry Street,and he immediately agreed to an independent study form of study for the 3 years we would both be there--he came to my studio often to see and talk about the artwork in some of the most moving and challenging, encouraging ways and then i moved my studio to the Bowery where this mentorship continued. I graduated and he left in 78. we remained active friends for 20 more years. i saw him again at a recent show and regret waiting to contact him for one last studio or cafe date. I waited too long and he died before our last date. h e made me see this absolute love of his for some of my paintings and that helped to keep my focus strongly on my work through all kinds of difficult times. We lost touch shortly after his prostate cancer diagnoses. At his recent show I told him about my joining him now with breast cancer.At that he smiled and said we had to catch up, to send him some new slides and to call.I'll always be sorry for missing that last opportunity to connect. 15 years had passed by then, so my 15 minutes in the gallery with him that last time are now special too.


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