November 19, 2007

Pavillion G at Documenta 12

This past summer I paid a visit to Kassel, Germany and saw most of the art at Documenta 12. The only part I missed was Pavillion G located at El Bulli in Cala Montjoi, Spain. As curator Roger Buergel stated:

“I have invited Ferran AdriĆ  because he has managed to create his own language, something that has turned into a very influential issue on the international scene. This is what I am interested in, I don’t care if people consider it as an art or not. It is very important to mention that the artistic intelligence does not depend on the format; we should not relate art only with photography, sculpture, painting…, neither with cooking in its most strict sense. But under certain circumstances, cooking can also be considered as an art.”

Besides art making, I've also posted here on some of my dining experiences, including a 37-course extravaganza at the two-star Urasawa.

About an hour ago I received an email from Luis Garcia confirming my request to dine at El Bulli. Considered the best restaurant in the world, they receive a half a million requests to dine there, and have 8,oo0 available seats for their dining season. The restaurant sells out in one day.


For those unfamiliar, I thought I'd post some links about dinner there and the reservation process:

Louisa Chu describes the reservation process (too late for this year).

Brett Moore at About dot com on the reservation process (with pictures of the food).

An eGullet Forum on the 2004 reservation process. (Harder than getting into grad school)!

Nicole Weston blogs on one place at a table for four being auctioned off on eBay starting at $1,000.00 (Plus you have to pay transportation to Spain, hotel, food, wine, tax and tip).

Clotilde Dusoulier blogs her dinner at El Bulli: six hours of eating 35 courses, with picture links.

This Little Piglet blogs her dinner at El Bulli with photos.

Confessions of a Restaurant Whore's four-part post on her El Bulli experience.

Steve Plotnicki blogs his dinner fo eight in 2005.

And finally, an article on on "pricey" restaurants. (with photos)

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