October 11, 2008

Ferran Adrià Book Signing in Los Angeles at Cook's Library

From Leap Into the Void
As the deadline approaches for requesting a reservation at el Bulli, my "how to" post (on getting a reservation) became a top link when one Googles "el Bulli." It's no small wonder when two million requests came in last year, and food pilgrims to Cala Montjoi only had a 1:250 chance of getting in.

For those who can't afford the trip, and are interested in a more affordable vicarious pleasure, Phaidon has released "A Day at el Bulli:
A Day at elBulli opens the doors to everyone and reveals the inner workings of the kitchen and the gastronomic innovations that have helped create the spectacular food. Illustrated with over 1,000 colour photographs, the book includes recipes and innovative inserts explaining the creative methods and food philosophy, the reservations policy, the history of elBulli and the life of Ferran Adrià.

Aimed at all food enthusiasts as well as industry professionals, the book starts with daybreak at 6.15 am, then shows visits to the local markets to source ingredients, Ferran's arrival at the workshop, his morning creative experimentation session, the arrival of the rest of the brigade at 2.30 pm to begin the mise-en-place for the evening, the daily tasks of the front of house team, and the arrival of the first guests for dinner from 7.45 pm until the last guests' departure by 2.00 am.

With its innovative structure and striking design, A Day at elBulli provides a fascinating insight into the rare and magical experience of eating at elBulli.
For another rare experience, Ferran Adrià will be making his only west coast appearance on Tuesday, October 14th at The Cook's Library. A Day at el Bulli will be available for signing, and like the restaurant, reservations are necessary. Call the Cook's Library at 323-655-3141 to reserve your place. The Cooks Library is on 3rd Street near Kings Road.

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