January 28, 2009


Through the magic of Blogger's post options, the past couple weeks of postings were mostly done in advance and set to go 'live' every couple of days. So while I've been diligently posting in cyberspace, my corporeal self has been in bed with the flu. This past weekend I did venture out to Barker Hanger in Santa Monica to witness the latest iteration of Art|LA.

As far as art fairs go, Art|LA does a good job of keeping it to a manageable size, and mixing local spaces (where one can discover unfamiliar artists) and far-away galleries (where one can discover unfamiliar places). The galleries themselves created a good mix of single artist installations, like Peres Projects and LA Louver, and multi-artist shows.

A couple worth mentioning include UCLA grad David Korty at Michael Kohn Gallery. As the three works above show, Korty watercolors up-to-date reinterpretations of the Bauhaus style: instead of the art school hallways of the Weimar Republic, we're shown malls, food courts, and airport lounges.

Another standout was the single-artist installation of Swiss artist Marianne Mueller at Gallerie Catherine Bastide, above and below.

As my health returns and I start firing on all four brain cells, I promise to offer a little more in the way of articulation.

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