February 3, 2009

LACMA Unframed

The View of Mt. Lee from BCAM
LACMA's Unframed (in the links on the right) is doing a better job than most of bringing their cyberselves into the 2.0 future.

I thought I'd post some recent pics I took on LACMA's campus along with links to their posts on related topics. Above is the view from BCAM that goes with this post.

Urban Light, Urban Infrastructure
Chris Burden's Urban Light warrants it's own page (in addition to this post). The page includes a quiz and print-on-demand book of visitor-submitted UL photos. In one interview Burden talks about wanting to draw the viewers attention to the aesthetics of the city's infrastructure, so I thought I'd post my pic of the fire-sprinkler valve (which would normally be painted a Renzo Piano red).

The Art of Two Germanys, The Car of Don Bachardy
Not mentioned in this post on the temporary car loans on display under LACMA's entrance pavilion is artist Don Bachardy's cherry Bug from the Peterson Automotive Museum across the street. Imagine, Christopher Isherwood was there.

Reflections of the Resnick Pavillion
This post on the Resnick Pavilion links to the live construction cam, as well as back to this blog. What a tangled web indeed.

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